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Red 2013年3月30日下午2:23
Fix for dark and yellow vehicles in GTA III - the simplest one
This thread is a repost of my original SPUF thread. I'll keep it up to date here.

This fix involves just one texture file replacement!
Please confirm below if it works for you.

If you are experiencing the problem with vehicles being too dark or completely yellow in Grand Theft Auto III, you don't want to replace any EXE files and you don't want to install any mods, this fix is just for you.

In order to fix the problem, just follow these five simple steps:

  • Make a copy of your "particle.txd" file in the following directory: "PATH_TO_STEAM\steamapps\common\grand theft auto 3\models\"
  • Download the "" file from the following location: (mirror[])
  • Unpack the "particle.txd" file from the ZIP archive.
  • Replace your original "particle.txd" file (not the copy!) with the downloaded one.
  • Run the game and have fun!

Now, let me describe what this is all about.

I've been trying to find a fix for this bug since I bought GTA III a week ago during the Rockstar Weekend sale. I, and probably some of you too, have already noticed that reflective surfaces on vehicles are too dark or opaque yellow - everything else is just fine. Since GTA III uses only one reflection texture for all vehicles, I modified it a little bit. Turns out that all I had to do was remove the alpha channel (which was unused anyway) from the said texture and that was it. After launching the game, all vehicles were back to normal - the problem was no more.

The affected reflection texture (named "reflection01") is stored in the "particle.txd" file, which is an archive that stores quite a few other textures responsible for, you guessed it, mostly particle effects. Apart from the aforementioned texture, nothing else was deliberately changed. The game can still be considered vanilla.

It's also worth explaining why the retail (CD/DVD) version users are not affected by this problem. It's simply because Rockstar have apparently tweaked the Steam version a little bit before publishing it. It might have made vehicles dark but also enabled one great and often overseen feature - all cars now have glowing headlights (just like on the PlayStation 2), while the retail version still lacks them. See for yourself: Steam / Retail
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ododoss17 2013年4月1日上午9:44 
Perfect! It works great!
Grilled Bear 2013年4月1日下午12:00 
Excellent! It works perfectly, thank you! (I'm playing on Windows 8)
最后由 Grilled Bear 编辑于; 2013年4月2日上午10:36
Jethro 2013年4月1日下午7:02 
I had yellow cars - now everything seems fine. Thanks a lot! (Win XP SP3)
Escovas [PT] SLB 2013年4月2日上午11:40 
Red 2013年4月3日上午5:54 
I'm glad to hear that! I just fixed the main download link again. Should be ok now.
Λ | Morwani 2013年4月8日上午4:13 
Thx man it worked! :) (Win7)
Inquie 2013年5月4日上午7:59 
Thank you.
Chaotic Teabag 2013年5月21日下午5:00 
I was wondering what was up with some of the cars. Thanks.
Dose of Mercury 2013年5月22日下午5:33 
Thank you so much! It's such a quick and easy fix. (Windows XP SP3)
e0da 2013年5月31日下午9:09 
I cannot thank you enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Tomato <3 2013年6月4日下午10:36 
Komaroff 2013年6月7日上午2:16 
It works, thank you.
Umbrella Man 2013年6月11日上午9:48 
Works 100%, thanks.
Minehot 2013年6月23日上午6:17 
Rockstar SHOULD fix the issues!
最后由 Minehot 编辑于; 2013年6月23日上午6:18
Lunatix 2013年6月30日上午6:59 
Thanks i'll try.
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