Tali Mar 26 @ 10:24pm
2 major problems.. help?
for some reason with both gta 3 and vc, after exiting the game it will still keep me in "in game" status and i cant find the game in processes in order to close it.
steam wont even let me restart because it says i have to close gta first.. but theres nothing to be closed.
also trying to start gta again says app is already running, which it is not.
after closing steam through task manager and starting it again, i appear as offline and as soon as i change it to online, i am "playing grand theft auto 3" again.....
the only solution so far was to restart my comupter, which is not a very good solution not to mention this is extremely annoying.

and a second problem i have is when i start the game it appears to start but nothing actually loads. at which point i CAN close it through processes and start it again, and it always works in the second try.

both of these problems happen every single time i play gta, its not random.
does anyone know what to do?