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Schmo 2014年1月23日 16時55分
Sprinting Glitch
I'll be holding down the sprint button, and while running down even the slightest slope, my character will get literally launched forward into buildings and cars and whatever is in front of me. Way more then the normal "hopping" that happens when going down a steep slope too fast. Anyone else with the same problem or a possible fix?
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Address Unknown 2014年1月25日 2時04分 
enable the frame limiter
Opal 2014年1月25日 21時45分 
What are you even doing HOLDING the sprint button? Tapping it makes you run longer.
The Original MegaOG 2014年3月7日 11時11分 
I have the same exact issue, happens every time I save the game and sprint to the street to get a new car (there is downhill slope as you get to the street).

I do not want to lose quality by enabling the frame limiter, is there a REAL fix for this issue that doesn't involve losing quality?
Schmo 2014年3月7日 12時29分 
That's what I'm saying. 30 fps kinda sucks on that old of a game.
The Original MegaOG 2014年3月8日 6時38分 
you got that right!!! I just figured out the one guy that said enable frame limiter is..... CORRECT... dammit, that fixes the game, well it fixes me from dying, but it looks terrible and like i am playing with onboard video. So that's not really fixing it, just an ugly bandaid.

Does anyone know how to limit frames manually in a .cfg or .ini file? I think I could settle for around 60.
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