Gta 3 requires at least 12mb of video memory
I have 4GB of video memory, and have googled/tried everything i can find and think of. Please someone help me get this game running. Windows 7 64bit 8gb ram gtx 670 ftw 4gb. It worked before, dont know why its not working now. Thanks in advance. Nothing in my gta3 user files folder, deleted reinstalled, DEP, administrator mode, compatibility with everything on the list, nothing has worked.
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torombolo89 Jun 3 @ 7:47pm 
Here is what i did yesterday after months of trying, go to nvidia control panel, and lower the screen resolution to 480p then run the gta3.exe (make sure you have the folder open) after you run it go to the options in GTA 3 and change the resolution to whatever you want, the game might crash after it crashed with the chosen resolution go to the nvidia control panel and revert to the native resolution you had.

This worked for me.
I just had an apostrophe Jun 3 @ 9:04pm 
Just tried it, went down to 16 bit color, turned off additional monitor, yelled at it...still no go. Same error code. Also getting the same error out of vice city. No problems running San andreas.
Jbroeder Aug 6 @ 4:09am 
Having the same issue... The only fix I found this far is playing it on an older computer... I think it either can't handle the gargantuan amount of 4GB of VRAM or the awesomeness that is 64-bit... Anyway, I hope to be able to play it on this pc as well.
I just had an apostrophe Aug 6 @ 4:08pm 
I actually found a resolution to the issue. Not sure why it worked but it did. Clean install of windows. Again, not sure why it worked, the previous installation was pretty fresh.
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