Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45

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Achievements - Excellent Marksman
by para_bellum
Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45 Achievements - Excellent Marksman Bronze, Silver, Gold !...
by Viernes Social
by Nox (в софия)
Some tips for grenade training...
How to set any resolution! / ¡Cómo poner cualquier resolución!
by Clyde
- If you are playing Red Orchestra with black fringes, here is the solution. You now can play this game with the whole screen! - Si estás jugando a Red Orchestra con franjas negras, aqui está la solución. ¡Ahora podrás jugar con toda la pantalla!...
PTRD (unfinished guide)
by Nox (в софия)
PTRD manual Tank weak spots & PTRD tactics. Unfinished guide. I will finish it one day, I got enough screenshots. ...
Frequent problems / usual fixes & FAQ
by Nox (в софия)
Here are listed frequent problems and tips to fix it...
by Nox (в софия)
Tricks used by veterans that could look suspect for non-aware person....
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