APOC EWOK 2013年1月27日 13時53分
I can't get any succes. Even the 10 kills one... I kill more than 10 people in multiplayer games.. Does the bots are not count? So if i play in a game whit more bot than players i have to kill players excluding bots...???
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[Linux]sulman 2013年1月27日 15時43分 
The achievements aren't working properly in RO1. Don't worry about it.
beEZ 2013年2月1日 8時50分 
You need to play on stats enabled servers (the ones that have a yellow star in the servers list) and you have to make sure there are at least 16 human players on the server (players with pings that are not 0), only then will the stats be enabled and achievements will unlock. However some achievements are broken no matter what, e.g. the sniper achievements, except for vassily lives or countersniper which do work.
APOC EWOK 2013年2月1日 9時40分 
ok ty
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