The Red Scot Jul 6 @ 1:05pm
Should i buy this game?
Im a Fan Of RO2 and RS, and this game looks fun with its 2 free mods
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Nox Jul 6 @ 2:45pm 
If you can benefit a special offer, why not.
SLeepy Li' C]-[ew C]-[ew Jul 7 @ 3:37pm 
IT is fun but saddly you won't going see many players on multiplayer...I should have bought this on release's mistake.
The Red Scot Jul 7 @ 6:38pm 
i got it and it was worth it
[Linux]sulman Jul 7 @ 7:08pm 
RO1 is quieter these days, but Darkest Hour is absolutely brilliant and unique. Worth buying RO1 for alone.
The Red Scot Jul 7 @ 7:21pm 
i know that is what i play mostly they are so nice and if you f up they dont mind =D
Res| 汁 Jul 8 @ 1:04pm 
This game has quiet larger maps than RO 2 and also a nice variety of Vehicles it is like Battlefield 1942 in realistic, Darkest Hour is the mod to play of course.
The Red Scot Jul 8 @ 3:08pm 
oh good god this would be awsome if it had planes, let it sink in
Nox Jul 9 @ 12:15pm 
I heard about rumors of a plane project...
But it lacked physics optimization. (you can try Totalfun v4 and some others like Star Wars to fly with some modified BA-64). Several mods with race cars & bike also exists.
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CyberDown Jul 16 @ 3:25pm 
I got this game in some kind of steam bundle. It includes several games that appear to be just multiplayer shell games...basically a new map and gear set as a seperate game.

There is never anyone on in multiplayer so those games i cant even play. There are a few singleplayer games, havent gotten far in them.

Make sure you are only getting the singleplayer games or will be bringing a large group of people with you...
The Red Scot Jul 16 @ 3:42pm 
Well in RO 42-45 i always find a server with 20 people and have a great time, they are nic, helpful, unlike the modern COD games "You &#$% head, I Your &%$%)# Mom, ETC."
*ncs*KiRA-[EST] Jul 21 @ 8:58am 
How is the control? In RO2 i find it a bit stiff for my personal taste. Is the movement smoother than in RO2?
The Red Scot Jul 21 @ 10:43am 
well in the tank the turret is used with the WASD keys, but i find it smooth
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