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Rectal Spray Jul 16, 2013 @ 8:19am
How to get wide screen resolutions to work. and how to run on windows 7
For windows 7 you need to find the install directory, and run the game from there, steam will not let you run it from the Steam.exe launcher.

This game is pinned at 4:3 apect ratio, there is no way to change it from all I have seen.

To get the game into higher resolutions run the game one time from the steam\steamapps\second sight folder.
Be sure to change the resolutions in the game atleast one time, and quit.

Now in the same folder run the testapp.exe file, it will run the game ... change the resolution again.

Find the file secondsight/cfg, and delete it.

Run secondsight.exe again, and quit... this will make a text only config file for you.

Get a decent text editor like this one:

Open up both the secondsight.cfg, and the testapp.cfg

Delete everything in the secondsight.cfg, and copy then paste from the testapp.cfg file.

At the very bottom you can change your desired resolutions by changeing the lines:


The hz is the refresh rate. Make sure you get this one right or you can damage your monitor or HDTV. Most default to 60 or 59 Hz. Check your owners manual just to be safe.

Now you should be able to run the game! Which is somewhat unfortunate. This game is pretty stupid. (It is 10 years old)
Second Sight > General Discussions > Topic Details