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Mason 2012. dec. 27. @ du. 11:30
Did they ever fix this thing? Thought about coming back to it.
The forums didn't help much. Bit confused on if it's playable or not.
Back when I played most people got 2 fps, maybe 3 if they we're lucky. Not at first but 5 or 10 minutes in, it was bs.
No point in trying again if it's still like that.
Can anyone clear this up for me?
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M-R-T = Tradin' my Gifts for 2 G 2012. dec. 28. @ de. 7:02 
I had the same problem, and it was fixed with Nvidia setting - I made sure that the game allways run with my GTX 660m instade of intel

no lags or drop with FPS at all :D
DeadScreenSky 2012. dec. 30. @ de. 1:38 
Nope. The game is still just as broken as it was back in August.
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