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Chichi 2013年9月10日 15時26分
99 percent
I have finished the story and got all achievements from it. I also completed all the sets in each episode. Yet I am stuck at 99% completion of the game.

Here is a screenshot :
As you can see I also miss the very last video of the game.
Anyone knows what I could have missed?
最近の変更はChichiが行いました; 2013年9月10日 15時27分
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Geoff 2013年9月12日 5時40分 
I think the video you're missing is the one for reuniting the german family at the train station. It's not hard to find them, they are all redheads.
Chichi 2013年9月12日 16時28分 
You were right. I thought I did it but I stacked the other redhead guy instead of the mom. Now I am 100%. Thanks a lot
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