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[CCCo] Page Turner 2013年1月22日 8時46分
Black Screen.
This game worked fine When I bought it, but now suddenly every time i try to start it up I just get a black screen. I press Ctrl-Alt-Del and the task manager tells me that it's running, but nothing is happening!
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Vogonblaster 2013年2月27日 6時01分 
Hey, having the same problem! I just purchased the game, but when I tried to play it it shows the beginning credits, but when the "access Steam Community" notification pops up it gets stuck and won't do anything. It plays the piano music and I can hear some sound effects when I press the arrow keys, but nothing shows up. Really annoying! I don't know why it is, this has never happened before...
Spodermen 2013年2月27日 10時00分 
Not the same problem. Ours worked fine once.

And honestly. We don't care if you have the same problem.
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