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joe vs you 2013年5月7日 19時03分
bluring effect. how make it away
so the draw distance where everything looks good 5 feet in front of you then gets blurring has hell . how do you fix this. It's literley hurting my eyes less then 5 minutes in the game
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tjhall1000 2013年5月10日 23時32分 
its not bothering me, but i would like to know how to turn it off as well
Koji Colnair 2013年5月15日 12時44分 
Would be nice to be able to turn it off.
NordicLegend 2013年6月27日 15時03分 
I actually don't think you can turn it off, I believe it is just the way that the made the game unfortunately. I feel your pain!
ACWraith 2013年10月3日 22時13分 
I'm (halfway) sorry for bumping this thread up, but the blur is why I'm in this forum. I played through 25% of the game a while back, but I quit because I got tired of how physically ill it made me. Has anyone found a solution?
DF Vic  [開発者] 2013年10月4日 14時15分 
Howdy. I'm sorry to hear that the blur is affecting you in that way. Unfortunately, that particular feature is part of the game design and cannot be toggled on or off. If it continues to bother you you can email
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