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mikaelwjohnston 2013年12月2日上午11:48
Stacking not working on WINDOWS 8 PRO
i installed the game just fine on my gaming pc running windows 8 but when i try to play the game it has an error message saying "Failed to start Game (missing executable)" i went through the steps like steams trouble shooting page said by deleting the appcache folder and this did not resolve my issue so my question is how do i get my game to run on windows 8
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DF TLo  [开发者] 2013年12月2日下午4:20 
Can you try verifying the game's cache and/or deleting and reinstalling the game.
Jumpy-B-L 2013年12月3日上午3:43 
Windows 8 is not the problem. I play on W8 without issue. Something else must be at fault.
Drews_Cows 2013年12月3日上午6:29 
i just got the game and i have windows 8 it works fine
Buffalo Yoghurt 2013年12月18日上午1:03 
When i change resolution game crash... strange.
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