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Neero_ 2014年2月15日 16時01分
Problem with achievements at first chapter.
I found the three solutions when you have to empty the lounge, and the achievement didn't pop up. Also, the three engineers who are supposed to appear after that, aren't there.

Any solutions?

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Kvazigradient 2014年2月15日 16時18分 
It no any problems here.

To get Strike Breaker achievement u need take all 3 station workers (who was in lounge) and go to platform to talk with strike leader. All 3 dolls will be not far from lounge door outside afer u find at least 1 solution to get inside the lounge.

To get Solution Sleuth achievement u need to find all solutions of 3 Royal Train Station challenges (2 will be after Gilded Steam Ship level, 3 - after Zeppelin of Consequence). So u cant get this achievement just for first challenge.
最近の変更はKvazigradientが行いました; 2014年2月15日 16時56分
Neero_ 2014年2月15日 16時55分 
Thank you!
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