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aka febr. 14. @ du. 9:30
"Overload" and the screen is black ,shut down
I can't play this game.
When I enter this game.
It just show "over load" then the screen is black and I can't do anything then...
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PlayaOfGames febr. 21. @ de. 11:14 
i found something werid when i had that same problem go and verfy the game cache and it oddly downloads a over 800 mb of something that fixs it
MrSlow márc. 12. @ du. 3:15 
After checking the integrity, mine is doing the same right now. So, no risky and probably pointless gfx driver updating for now. We will see.
aka márc. 17. @ de. 7:22 
the problem was solved.
When I change my monintor and graphic card.
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