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hushed 2月7日上午2:45
Humble weekly sale
Stacking is included in the weekly bundle, from February 6 to 13. Price $ 1. Have fun!
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Kargor 2月7日上午10:55 
Technically, the price is "at least $1" :-)

I did intentionally stay below $6, though, since I already have Brütal Legend from another bundle, and wanted them to "know" that I'm only interested in tier 1 of the bundle.
CrimzonRazor 2月7日下午5:41 
another good sell from the bundle
Xenoz ☆ 2月9日上午12:36 
can games bought in the bundle be traded with other users on steam?
CrimzonRazor 2月9日下午2:32 
you can trade the code by getting a gift code from humble as long as you didnt redem it to you account already
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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