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Comrade Woody 2014年6月10日 21時31分
Can't return to train station from zeppelin
I was given the option to return to the train station after completing the main objectives on the zeppelin but chose to stay to finish off some remaining hi-jinks. When I later attempted to return to the station I was not given the option to do so. I can press X to talk and get "Ready to return to the train station?", "It's a quick trip" and "You can come back here anytime you want" ad infinitum but no option to actually leave. I only have the one save file and reloading the game doesn't fix the issue so I assume it's corrupt. Can anyone help?
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Comrade Woody 2014年6月10日 21時41分 
Disregard this, I've just fixed it. I checked the integrity of the game cache and found a couple of files missing, I updated those and it resolved the issue. I'll leave this here in case it helps anyone with a similar problem.
Fashaj 2014年6月16日 12時20分 
I have the same problem.The solution is: Wait a moment.
Comrade Woody 2014年6月16日 12時25分 
The solution was to replace missing files, as stated above.
最近の変更はComrade Woodyが行いました; 2014年6月16日 12時26分
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