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isolated1 (Ray) Jul 9, 2014 @ 3:50pm
Please patch Stacking and Costume Quest to run up to 120 fps on 120hz lcd like brutal legend?
Stacking and Costume Quest have been out for how many years, and Double F*** can't patch them like Brutal Legend to run 60 fps or higher? How long would this take them? A few days? A week? Would it inconvience them? Well it inconviences me who paid full price for both games and now won't play them because the devs were too lazy to program their games for PC gamers and are now too lazy to fix their ♥♥♥♥♥♥ engine, despite the fact its most likely easy for them to do, because I assume if its done for one game using the engine its easy to do the others. I will reconsider buying another Double F*** game on steam because they mind control me to buy them and then mind control me not to be able to launch them and play them. I have almost 500 installed I would like to play of the 1600+ games I own on Steam and people are not letting me play any of them. Anothy Gallegos, who worked for Zombie Studios, IGN and gamespy said satan said not to let me play any of the single player games I buy because I will probably finish a lot of the games and embarrass the core. They also mess me up by messing with my fine motor skills when I play games and making me hit the wrong buttons. Now they mess me up at multiplayer games somehow, I don't do as well usually. He said the people that control me let me play multiplayer games because I don't always win.