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100% Achievement guide
Yaratıcı: L-r | Sari
A guide to getting all of the achievements in Costume Quest (also includes all hide-n'-seek locations). Achievements with the tag are for Grubbins on Ice, and can only be obtained there. The rest are for the main game, Costume Quest. Also if y...
Tisn't the Season
Yaratıcı: MithranArkanere
Play Costume Quest on Christmas... ...or shall you?...
All costume locations (and what they do)
Yaratıcı: L-r | Sari
In Costume Quest, there are 11 costumes in the main game, and 3 additional costumes in Grubbins on Ice. Each costume has something that makes it unique: whether it be an overworld ability or an attack. If it has a tag, it's a costum...
Да здравствует Хэллоуин (Обзоры, прохождение, достижения, секреты)
Yaratıcı: PblCb
Руководство по прохождению игры, а так же получение достижений и открытий тайных мест + описания и дополнительные вспомогательные гайды. В ...
Short Stack
Quick Guide to finding the mysterious guest....
Easiest way to defeat Big Bones & Araxia
Yaratıcı: Nomad
Based on my experience, this is one of the easiest ways to defeat Big Bones at the end of Costume Quest and the seconde is for Araxia, final boss of Grubbins on Ice....
Simple Tips
Yaratıcı: Rude Thumb
Yunno that moment when you find something out and it blows your mind cuz it is so obvious... Well this is it... Oh, and don't mind the Koala... He only bites cyborgs... ...
Bug - "Il me manque une maison !"
Yaratıcı: Skywilly
La solution pour corriger l'absence de dernière maison allumée dans l'Acte 1....
Le Concours de Costumes
Yaratıcı: Skywilly
Comment gagner le concours ? C'est simple !...
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