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Achievement guide
by Epic Fail X
Just what the title says......
Русификатор текста от 1С
Русификация текста Larva Mortus...
Easy way to level up
by NighT WolF
Bored of killing hundreds of monster by yourself until you finaly reach a new level? You upgraded wrong and messed up your character and now you need a lot more points? You just want to have an easier job in this game? Well, there is a simple trick how...
Frissiw's Gaming Setup. (Before Birthday)
by Frissiw
This is simpley to show my Gaming Setup. The Setup will be updated abit after my Birthday (July 24th:D)...
The basics of Steam.
by Frissiw
This guide will learn you the basics of Steam....
Tips for useing Steam.
by Frissiw
This guide will show you something things you might not know about Steam. Some might help alot....