The Binding of Isaac
I cant access steam while im playing TBOI, I cant message people without tabbing out first then opening up steam. Solutions?
Автор останньої редакції: DickButt; 21 лис 2012 о 21:21
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You mean shift + tab doesn't work?
Some games dont use the overlay. Simply put use windowed mode or alt tab.
And how do you post screenshots then?
You don't. Simple as that.
there is not solution. the game is just like that
wait, how do people add screenshot to the hub then?
Автор останньої редакції: m3m3nt0; 23 лис 2012 о 1:03
many thanks. I didn't know it was possible to add a folder named after a game's ID and add screenshots to that game with this method. But that makes sense.
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