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Ham-Man 2012年11月21日 17時05分
Weird Gliches...
You probably know TBOI has its fair share of glitches. The weirdest one i found was with Chocolate Milk and Brimstone. You know the basics of it I'm sure, so I'll skip to the glitch. Prepare Brimstone for the next room, fire, and while your firing, pause and look at your attack bar. It goes berzerk! Make sure you have Choco Milk though. What glitches have you found, weird or funny, messed up or pointless? Let me know! I'm all ears!
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TwerknlikeMiley 2012年11月22日 7時47分 
non hittable-TNT in top left corner of room
☁ KittyRabbi ☁ 2012年11月22日 15時29分 
mom going off the room and me having to restart the game XD
Ham-Man 2012年11月23日 7時59分 
One glitch I hate is how if you have Technology 2 and Mom's Knife, the laser does 0 damage, although it still shows. I just hope that one time, it will be fixed and actually work
poison cheeze 2013年5月20日 14時22分 
i had monstro 1 hit kill me with one of his shots.
最近の変更はpoison cheezeが行いました; 2013年5月20日 14時24分
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