The Binding of Isaac

The Binding of Isaac

Nowhere 2012年11月5日上午12:41
Current BOI stats
So I've been playing this game since about November of last year. I've enjoyed it and the community as we've discussed and helped each other learn more about it. However, I've always wanted to know everyone's individual in game stats (kinda like how you can for L4D2). But, since we can't view each other's stats, I thought it would be cool if people would posted them here. Now I'm not requesting this to see how I stack against others, but just out of curosity more than anything.

Anyways, I'll start:

Deaths: 92
Mom Kills: 392
Items: 197
Secrets: 95/97

For some reason, I lost The Left Hand secret and now i can't find Ultra Pride :/
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Hank 2012年11月5日上午1:52 
Nowhere 2012年11月5日上午1:57 
Well i thought i was breaking the ice. I wasn't trying to be a show off.
sdLDL 2012年11月5日上午7:13 
1300 Kills, 25 Deaths.
The rest of my stats can be found here:
joshkings78 2012年11月5日下午1:53 
Thats great wish mine was better im 651 deaths, and 95 mom kills.
Nowhere 2012年11月5日下午2:08 
It's all good, like i said, this is for fun.
HSpthom 2012年11月5日下午3:37 
Deaths: 178
Mom Kills: 78
Items: 188

And I got it early summer
ulixes1 2012年11月6日上午8:30 
Death: 243
Mom Kills: 284
Items: 198
Secrets Found: 92

But I dont know what secrets are missing beside Mamas Boy and Dark boy
Michael Hammer 2012年11月6日上午8:46 
Pre-Wrath of the Lamb

Death: 121
Mom Kills: 130
Items: 132
Secrets: 64/63
LDD714 2012年11月6日下午9:58 
Wrath of the Lamb
Mom Kills:109
Secrets 98/97
Nowhere 2012年11月6日下午10:17 
This is cool. I like seeing different people's stats because i know everyone has a different experience with this game. Please, keep them coming!
FeelsOnWheels 2012年11月7日上午7:04 
Not far yet in the game
47 deaths
0 kills
45 items
14 secrets

Got to mom but she only needed one shot left when I died
最后由 FeelsOnWheels 编辑于; 2012年11月7日上午10:40
andrew-film 2012年11月7日下午5:27 
Deaths: 159
Mom Kills: 111
Items: 197
Secrets: 98
Hours: 300
最后由 andrew-film 编辑于; 2012年11月7日下午5:30
BadEvilWrong 2012年11月8日下午3:16 
For some reason, I lost The Left Hand secret and now i can't find Ultra Pride :/
Doctor's Revenge challenge. Explore every room EXCEPT for shops.

Rinse, repeat.
KeyNaughtyBoi 2012年11月9日上午7:11 
Deaths: 295
Mom kills: 25
Items: 184
Secrets: 68/97
最后由 KeyNaughtyBoi 编辑于; 2012年11月9日上午7:11
SL 2012年11月17日上午6:35 
Deaths: 44
MOM Kills: 0
Items: 103
Secrets: 23/97
Hours: 6
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