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grizby2 Feb 5, 2013 @ 7:00pm
TIPS! a guide for survival!
hey fellas, after beating and yelling at this game several times, i thought it would be helpful to give you guys some tips! room tips in general. (this is assuming you have the dlc)

so lets jump right in.

poor little isaac is flung into the basement. what to do?

first we're going to need an advantage!

search for the treasure room ASAP. keep a note of what you see in each room, this includes: chests, pennies, bombs, hearts, keys and BLUE tinted rocks.

treasure rooms have items that will give you an edge. the first treasure room requires no key (unless you have curse of the labrynth activated!), so go ahead and go inside. even if the item isn't great, get it anyway, its certainly better than nothing. if the item is a SPACE item, use it when you really need to. pay attention to how many rooms you need to clear before you can use your SPACE item again, in most cases, you'll want to use it on the boss! if you run into another space item, but dont want to use it, don't worry, it might still serve you well! for example, if you find a book of shadows, dont leave it, instead, use it to your advantage! you can use the invincibillity on curse doors, sacrifice room spikes, blood banks, or even devil beggars without giving up any hearts! afterwards, return the book back to its pedestal, and continue using the item you had before~ ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A KEY FOR THE NEXT FLOOR'S TREASURE ROOM!

you might be tempted to go in the shop, but remember, its the first floor, so unless you got lucky and found ALOT of money, odds are that you dont have any more than 5 pennies. try to go in a shop with AT LEAST 15 pennies. the GOOD items in shops cost 15 pennies, but sometimes they'll be a on sale for 7. WATCH OUT FOR GREED/SUPER GREED! he may spawn in the shop sometimes. its best to keep your distance away from him, his projectiles are kinda fast.

curse/sacrifice rooms are up to the player to use, but just for saftey's sake, use these rooms AFTER you've beaten the boss! both of these rooms will take soul hearts before red hearts, so USE YOUR RED HEARTS BEFORE YOU PICK UP ANY SOUL HEARTS AFTERWARDS!

A curse room is generally less demanding, requiring 1 half heart to enter and another half a heart to exit. if you can fly, you wont take damage entering the room, but you'll still take half a heart of dmg when you exit (this includes going to the secret room connected to a curse room)! if you have an item that grants invincibillity for a short while, you can use that item to pass through a curse door without taking damage

sacrifice rooms have one set of spikes in the middle, you'll need to step on them, 4 times on average, for a chest to spawn. even if you can fly these spikes will STILL hurt you. if you have an item that grants invincibillity, you can use it, and THEN walk on the spikes. you wont take damage and the chest will spawn. Smart and Efficient!

Secret rooms are a good source of goodies! there are two kinds of secret rooms. the Normal Secret room, and the TOP Secret room. you will need to bomb a side of a room to find one. this can take a couple of bombs away from you, so decide weather or not you want to use your bombs to find a secret room or if you want to use them to break rocks to get to a chest, or to fight with ..ect. be warned though, GREED/SUPER GREED MIGHT SPAWN IN THE NORMAL SECRET ROOM. you can fight him for coins, but if you feel he's not worth the fight, you can exit the room immediately by going through the wall you just blew up.

Challenge rooms have goodies inside, but after they're picked up, you'll have to fight some enemies. there a two kinds. Enemy challenge rooms, and Boss challenge rooms.
to enter an enemy challenge room, you must have full HP (red hearts). it is best to enter this room ASAP, because you dont want to get hit by mistake and not be able to enter.The Boss challenge room however, requires that you have only 1 RED HEART OR LESS TO ENTER (you may still have soul hearts). before entering this room, i suggest killing the boss of the current floor first, and make sure there are hearts to pick up after the fight is done.

Arcades are great for those willing to test their luck. but with some street smarts, you won't need too much luck. the dealer will give you coins bombs hearts and keys if you pick the correct skull. occasionally, he will gamble with the Skatole hat, a hat made of poop, which makes fly-type enemies no longer harm you! if you have enough pennies, try to get the Skatole hat! a slot machine or a fortune-telling machine will also be in the room, along with a blood bank. if there are excess hearts laying around, you can decide to use them for the blood bank to get a few extra pennies before you go to the next floor. if a blood bank explodes, it might spawn a blood bag (gives you heart containers) or a portable IV, which acts like a blood bank.

Devil/angel Rooms are rare, but have excelent items inside. you can enter these rooms when you kill the boss of a floor, or by using a Joker playing card. other items that allow teleportation can also aid you in finding these rare rooms. there are multiple factors that influence your chance to find these rooms (some are confirmed, others are not!). devil room items cost red heart containers, or sometimes cost a few soul hearts. Angel room items, however, do not cost anything, and are yours for the taking. Angel rooms are harder to find than devil rooms. KRAMPUS MIGH SPAWN IN THE DEVIL ROOM! his attack patterens may be hard to get used to due to his rare appearances. after he's defeated, he drops a lump of coal, a useful item!

that covers the rooms. now i'll give you some handy miscellanious tips!

TIP!: Use the portable IV bag twice in quick succession. the first time will still hurt you, but the second will not since you are still flashing. this effectivley doubles what the blood bank can do! (great use with the bloody penny!)

TIP!: eternal hearts are white hearts that, when two are collected, make a new normal heart container. finishing a floor with half an eternal heart will also form a new heart container. make sure eternal heart are the LAST THING TO COLLECT BEFORE LEAVING A FLOOR!

TIP!: ever see a blood bank or a beggar you wanted to get to, but they're surrounded by spikes and you cant fly? it sounds stupid, but, if the spike tiles are connected ONLY by their corners, YOU CAN WALK PAST THEM WHILE WALKING DIAGONALLY INTO WHERE THEY BARELY TOUCH! this takes practice!

TIP!: you can curve your shots! take time practicing this. it is a technique worth learning

TIP!: Don't hold onto too many heart containers! if you're having trouble killing enemies, trade some heart containers for devil room items! health isn't the only thing keeping you alive, your abillity to dodge is your best asset!

TIP!: learn to synergize items and trinkets! sometimes a useless trinket early on can be a great trinket later! some items are not worth it during the end of a playthrough!

TIP!: as with hearts, holding on to too much cash is never a good thing, try to spend a majority of your money by the time you reach mom. use arcade room dealers to get the poop hat! or use slot machines to earn yourself additional soul hearts or, if you're lucky, eternal hearts!

TIP!: while bombing rocks, try to make it so the bomb could also reveal a secret room. also, blue tinted rocks have items in them, mostly being soul hearts. place your bombs carefully and efficiently!

TIP!: if you run into an item that gives you the abillity to fly, it will most likely be worth your while. flight allows you to get to some items that would otherwise be impossible to reach. also, if you fly over where a cliff or a rock is, some enemies will be unable to reach you!

TIP!: enemies armed with bombs are dangerous, but they can also be quite useful! use they're projectiles (or bodies) to bomb open a way to a secret room! or you can use them to bomb away rocks that are keeping you away from items!

if i missed anything else, list it in a comment. :P
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aggour Feb 5, 2013 @ 7:16pm 
That's a really nice guide. Kudos :)
TC Feb 5, 2013 @ 10:47pm 
Thanks dude.
Exist Feb 6, 2013 @ 12:22am 
Dark Bison Sep 18, 2014 @ 5:52am 
Good tips for people who are just getting into the game :)
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