Shuk Feb 4, 2013 @ 6:43pm
Sheol Beaten with 5 Mom kills
I dont consider myself good at this game, in fact i consider me to be very bad at it since i had only beaten the full game 2 times with a normal run (and the other times with challenges), but i started a run with cain, only 2 health ups were pills, i got really lucky finding soul hearts and in the run i even made a lvl 4 Meat Boy for the first time, after i beat mom's heart an angel room appeared, and i knew it was a trapdoor to sheol, i had only 4 hearts + 1 soul heart left, but i went in, i got curse of darkness but luckyly my first try was the path to the boss, i almost died but thanks to mom's bra, the battery and the habbit i could do a lot of damage to Stan's 2nd and 3rd face, so i got the game got harder, waffer and bomb bag (and bandage) in a single run, now i think i migth be getting better at this game.... :P
Date Posted: Feb 4, 2013 @ 6:43pm
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