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Alpha Male #AlphaMackerel 2013年1月20日 3時30分
why only isaac
this is just something i want to say why are the other charecters are chained up and judas locked in a box? maybe the mom had childrenn then didnt want them so she locked them up and if you listen, in the boss battles you hear a chain getting unlocked and pulled so maybe that was another one of isaac brothers or sister. I just wanted to say this and see what you think and why did she keep isaa and not lock him up.
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Rev'lanth 2013年1月20日 6時19分 
Spoiler: all those characters are Isaac himself
cenho09 2013年1月20日 6時34分 
The other characters are: Magdalene, Eve, Judas, Samson, ???, and Cain
Alpha Male #AlphaMackerel 2013年1月20日 6時40分 
well why ae they chained up
Rev'lanth 2013年1月20日 9時00分 
Likely a play on words as you have to 'unlock' them to be able to play with them.
Alpha Male #AlphaMackerel 2013年1月20日 15時09分 
yea maybebut why o you ear the chains unlocking noise in bosses
Cunshmack 2013年1月20日 17時06分 
You have to do certain things to unlock them. For example, Eve is unlocked by making a deal with the Devil. Bish bosh, bash!
Alpha Male #AlphaMackerel 2013年1月21日 0時10分 
ok mr bish bash boss i know that i have unlocked most of them an thats nt even part of what we are talking aboout so if you wnt to show iff i can too
Rev'lanth 2013年1月21日 6時08分 
The sound you're so insisting on is a most plain one: door being locked, telling you that there is no going back until the boss is defeated.
Alpha Male #AlphaMackerel 2013年1月21日 8時29分 
yeah but still theres no chain n the oor and most of the time the boss doesnt move until the chain sound ends
Rev'lanth 2013年1月21日 10時30分 
Jacky-boy... please... use... logic... and... reason. Ever heard of Occam's razor? If not, google it!
Naftak 2013年1月24日 15時16分 
I feel stupider for having read this.
Rev'lanth 2013年1月24日 15時55分 
Naftak の投稿を引用:
I feel stupider for having read this.
Well, go and quickly read some books... or a pamphlet. It might not be too late:D
The guy seemed so mind-boggled in this so I did my best to demystify it for him...
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