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Ridlus 2013年1月18日 13時41分
Achievements not working?
Hello, I have a problem. I start up the binding of isaac like any other steam game, but I can't open the steam thing with shift+tab. It doesn't unlock achievements, either. Please help, I am on a mac btw.
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NukeHP 2013年1月18日 14時28分 
The achievements apparently don't normally work on Mac, but I did a quick look on Youtube and found this quick little vid that apparently shows you how to get them to pop up for you.
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beezus 2013年1月18日 15時59分 
I'm on Windows, and have to go to windowed mode to access chats/steam client...unfortunately, whenever I exit full screen to do this, I can no longer use F to get back in or out of full. Also, I imagine this doesn't happen for you (seems you've launched the game more than once), but my achievements don't log until the next time I launch the game. Hopefully the link above has shown you how to fix your acheivement problem already.
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bugi97 2013年1月18日 17時22分 
achievments show up next time when you play game and when you start the basement in next game again
Ridlus 2013年1月18日 19時21分 
@Nuke and Bezuss I don't have a good windows computer, only a windows xp missing a keyboard and a mouse. So the video didn't help.
@Bug I've played it more thatn once.

Also, Yes, I do know I should have some achievements because I unlocked Eve and The Yum Heart girl, (forgot her name) But I don't have any achievements.
Chunky Moldy Queef 2013年1月18日 21時26分 
I have the same problem. The gameplay and unlockables in the game are not affected, but because we are on a Mac, we cannot get the achievements to show/unlock. I asked the same question yesterday :P
TheBeardedFool 2013年1月18日 21時54分 
As bugi said, achievements are checked when you launch the game, so that is when they unlock. I am on Windows though.
G3N1S1S- 2013年1月19日 2時28分 
I'm on windows and have the same problem, so far it hasn't cost me anything only I can't Shift+Tab in game and achievements dont pop till the next time I start up the game.
Ridlus 2013年1月19日 8時09分 
@ BeardedFool and G3N3S1S
Once again, I've played it multiple times and I still don't have any achievements.
So does this mean I wont get any achievements?
shadre.anna 2013年1月19日 8時22分 
You won't get any achievments without loading your save file onto a windows computer. The game's achievments are in an .exe file that macs can't run. This is a known issue, but it doesn't look like they're planning on fixing it. If you put your save file on a windows computer and run the game, all the achievements you've earned will pop up. I'm pretty sure this is the only known fix.
Ridlus 2013年1月19日 11時16分 
Well, if I were to use wine or winebottler or something, would that work?
Pilieser 2013年1月20日 6時16分 
Yes that does work, after I complete some achievements I just launch Steam using WINE and then I open BOI and all achievements are updated.
Clequis 2013年1月20日 8時27分 
I find that after i have closed the game and re-opened it, I get the achievements from my last session.
Ridlus 2013年1月20日 9時09分 
I'll try that, Piliser.
And I'm not even going to say anything, Clrquis.
Pilieser 2013年1月20日 13時52分 
I didn't need to make any changes to get the game working with Wine. I was just able to install both without any problems with OSX 10.7 and 10.8 the game performance is pretty good you could even decide to just play the game in wine all the time. I'll just run the OSX version and whenever I think I have a lot of achievements pending I just start it quickly in wine open/close the game and all done ;-)
xlolox19laura 2013年1月20日 14時09分 
anyone fancy gifting me the game considering it has been deleted 3 times after i have payed for it 3 times??
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