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Chunky Moldy Queef 2013年1月17日 15時26分
Not Unlocking any of the Achievements.
I was gifted the binding of isaac and the DLC a couple days ago, and during the period of me owning it, I have beat mom and her heart, but I have not recieved even 1 achievement for this game yet. For example, I didn't get the ones for beating the first couple floors or killing mom and any of them really. Is there a reason why I cannot unlock achievements?
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Chunky Moldy Queef 2013年1月17日 15時58分 
Has anyone had this problem, I'm beginning to think I'm just screwed lol
Its ya boi Daquan 2013年1月17日 16時01分 
it's because you have a mac :D if yes that's your problem
Brundleberg 2013年1月17日 16時16分 
Achievements don't work for Macs currently, hopefully that's relevant. Download and install steam + Binding of Isaac on a windows computer or via emulating windows (it will automatically matchup your progress from your mac) and launch the game which will trigger it to give you your achievements that you've earned all at once.
Chunky Moldy Queef 2013年1月17日 18時00分 
OFWGKT▲ KidSuper*GOML の投稿を引用:
it's because you have a mac :D if yes that's your problem

Yes I do have a MAC. I Find it very strange though that they wouldn't work on a mac. But thanks for clearing this up :)
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