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Gruntled Employee 2012年12月3日 18時48分
Weird sound/volume issue
Anyone have a sound issue when pauising the game, then going back in the game the sound and music volume goes down like around 50% or so? Started happening to me recently and if I exit and start the game back up it goes back louder but sometimes when I start the game again the sound goes down.. Its not the PC sound in control panel, tis still at 100%
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Gruntled Employee 2012年12月4日 23時55分 
Weird I was playing agian today and it didnt happen, but I think it was only happening with the ??? character (who I did not play as today), can somone confirm it happens also with ??? I will have to try again tomorrow.
Gruntled Employee 2013年9月10日 22時45分 
bunp on this. I just started playing Isaac again and the same issue is happening again. I do have onboard sound Realtek HDA Sound. When I open the Volume Mixer the Isaac one is like at 10% and the others are all the way at 100. It is happening with other characters besides ??? sometimes it will even do it just on the title screen as well right after game loads.
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