The Binding of Isaac

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Schplat 29. lis. 2012 v 10.58 dop.
Whats your wierdest unlock ever?
I just played challenge 8, the one to unlock the spider butt. Before this challenge, I had only beaten the game 6 times. I eventually beat Moms Heart, and was going to open the chest but noticed that there was a Devil Room. I was able to beat Satan, and got another unlock for beating him.
So by the end of this, I got credit for beating the game twice even though I only beat Moms Heart once, was able to go to Sheol even though I hadn't unlocked it yet and unlock Mom's Knife, and got credit for beating the challenge. Mega Fetus upgrade is really awesome to find when doing other challenges.

Anyone else have weird unlock stories like this?
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Locked_ImDead 29. lis. 2012 v 2.06 odp. 
rsrsrs i have one, happened to me yesterday, my friend log on my pc but he don´t have the dlc, so the game update to normal version again, and when i logged to play my dlc not appeared, but it shows that i owned the golden boy archivment rsrsr (i have to reinstall the game to dlc work again, but now i have the golden boy archivment without complete 100% of the game)

and the thing that happened to you happpened to me too, but i was playing the fetus challenge and unlucked the moms knife
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