chocolategunner8 Feb 10 @ 2:48pm
Strange glitch?
A while ago I was playing a run which was looking really good. I went and beat mom's heart for the sixth time (giving me the everything is terrible achievment) and decided that I would go to shoel via the devil room I eaned. I managed to beat satan then go through the credits and everything. When I returned to the title screen I saw that the image had chenged to the big headed isaac crying (which is normal i presume) A few runs later I made it to moms heart again only to open the chest and find Judas' fez, and no achievement for the wafer. Two more moms heart runs later and I get the nail out of the chest and no it lives or money=power on either run. Has this happened to anyone else and is there any way I can resume my wins to avoid haveing to do it 6 more times for it lives when I should already have it.
Date Posted: Feb 10 @ 2:48pm
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