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Character cheat sheet
by madhaha
The characters of Monaco have unique abilities that aren't always documented in game. This is a super terse guide that should cover all the character's abilities. I leave the strategy to you....
Editor: A comprehensive guide
by Differ3nce
If you're new to the editor, read this guide! It will take you through the basics and gets you creating maps in no time! Even for the editor veteran there are several tips and tricks that might help you! Note that this is guide is no longer being update...
Advanced Tips and Tricks
by Plan Z
This is a collection of advanced tips, tricks & strategies for Monaco. This guide assumes you are familiar with gameplay basics and dives right in to lesser-known info about items, classes, AI behavior and multiplayer team work. If you have any tips to ...
How to Obtain Achievements in Monaco: What's Yours is Mine!
by Taylor Swift |
This is a comprehensive guide for steps and requirements needed to complete all 13 achievements, including the secret achievement, in Monaco: What's Yours is Mine....
Mission Blueprints (Classic Campaigns)
by rVII
This guide contains blueprints for Monaco's Classic Campaign maps! For Enhanced Campaign map blueprints, please see our Mission Blueprints (Enhanced Campaigns) guide....
Silent Withdrawal Achievement Guide
by Ribbit
Quick-easy guide for getting the Silent Withdrawal Achievement...
Strategy behind each pickup
by Gigazelle
A guide that explains the best scenarios to use each weapon to your advantage....
Monte Carlo Musings (V 3.5-Redhead&Technicalities)
by sovereigntea
An unusual, thought provoking, and occasionally comedic commentary on the game written in a stream of conscious Gonzo Journalism style. Discover the history of Monaco (the country), character and gameplay observations, and general trends in the multiplayer...
offical cheat code 官方作弊码
by [CHN]BearKid
offical cheat code...
The Locksmith: The Blue Collar Man
by Randlarr
Dashing through hallways to create clever distractions behind secured doors, making use of his (and his crew's) distractions to break into that heavily guarded vault or simply leading the way for his team for safe and quick getaways and advances: the Locks...
Useful overall tips and information
by MonkeyPocket
This guide will introduce you to some tips and useful information you may not be aware of, and can be of use when playing Monaco. It's more than a run and gun game, know how it works! (I might add some more info that isn't obvious to the common player, a...
Zonaco: The Ultimate Zurvival Guide
by MonkeyPocket
Grab your shotgun, make sure you're carrying enough ammo and get ready to kill some zombies. But first, read this humble guide; know your enemies....
Bringing the Bleach: The quick and easy way to gib three attackers
by The man who just won't win
Getting Bring the Bleach can seem a bit difficult at first glance. Luckily, it isn't. Here's how to get it easily....
"Play It Again Sam" Achievement Guide
by Maalen
A quick guide on how to get this secret achievement!...
Traducción al español para Monaco: What's Yours is Mine
by robotnick
Después de mucho esfuerzo, aquí tenéis disponible mi traducción al español completa de Monaco: What's Yours is Mine. ¡Espero que os guste!...
Getting started - Monaco
by Adobe Dr.Benjo
Wonder how to get started in Monaco? Here you can find out what all of the characters and items do and are good at! ...
Massacre: Achievement guide
by =LDDG= Meatman
In this short guide I'll show you how to get the "Massacre" achievement...
Level Editor New Content Guide
by MonkeyPocket
With the Zombie update that came out last weeks, the Level Editor also received some new toys for mapmakers to play with. Basically, all the new concepts that Developers used for the Origin maps can be found in the Editor. Since DIffer3nce's Editor guide i...
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