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Does anyone else hate dogs as much as me?
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Differ3nce Jun 29, 2013 @ 5:49am 
But dogs are delicious!
R.I.P. Lil Peep Jun 29, 2013 @ 6:26am 
This is why the devs added shotguns into the game! :D
Rush Rage Jun 29, 2013 @ 10:30am 
Yeah, they are pretty nasty!
Jiik Jun 29, 2013 @ 11:46am 
every time i play this game with my bass powered cats FLIES out of my room when he hears the extreme barking
Hazel Jun 29, 2013 @ 1:25pm 
I still can't figure out how to avoid their tracking ability. :<
Differ3nce Jun 29, 2013 @ 2:22pm 
Don't get too close and if they sniff you, get in a bush until they have sniffed the bush.
Davosaurus Jun 29, 2013 @ 5:28pm 
yeah... those mangy mutts can be really annoying sometimes...
Warlord Jul 1, 2013 @ 9:25am 
You leave an invisible trail behind you for about the last 10 or so seconds of your path. If a dog passes the trail, it will latch on and follow it until it gets distracted (by someone else), sees you directly, or loses you I think in water (very rare) or cover. In the latter, it will have to run up, snuffle a bit, then it will run off to where it first crossed paths.

Other than that, it acts like a normal guard aside from the fact it ignores alarms and can't be alerted by civvies.

So if you see a ! mark on you constantly no matter where you move and no matter how fast, you, sir, are being hunted. hide, and wait for the dog to arrive and leave.

I like them, as a redhead. It's just so hilarious to have a dog follower that opens doors for you. Ohhhh, such a cute puppeeeee, yes you ARE! You ARE such a cute puppy. Awwww, such a cute widdle puppy...
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AndyN.  [developer] Jul 1, 2013 @ 11:25am 
Dogs will lose your scent if you jump into a vent or bush or through a window. I hate them too :)
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