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I was thinking of a hacker storyline.
So, the hacker is a favorite of many players, so why not his own storyline?

But, I was thinking of something a little different than the other ones. I was thinking that due to the fact that the hacker knows a lot about computers, that the storyline should be a bunch of missions that are fictional to the actual story of the game, and that they should be based off of video game concepts.

His questline should be made up of a small number of large missions. These levels could be scaled differently and should be unlocked slowly by completing certain missions in the main two storylines. Due to this, the first one should be easy, the second one should be of moderate difficulty, the third should be a hard difficulty one, and lastly, the forth should be unlocked after completing the last mission the game, and should be the new hardest mission.

I have come up with a few concepts for these video game based levels,

Level Number 1: A biodome on Mars, this level will be on a Mars colony with biodomes full of exotic, mounstrous looking plants, the goal of this one should be to collect several energy crystals around the Mars base and then escape through a rocket next to the base.

Level Number 2: A zombie filled apartment, in this level you are stuck in an apartment with a ton of gold, some zombies, and a few cans of gasoline. Your goal in this one is to collect the gas cans, and bring them to the roof to fuel a helicopter to fly away. Now, for the zombies, I was thinking they could be faster than those melee dudes, do a little less damage, and should be more sensative to noise.

Level Number 3: (Haven't though of one yet, maybe you can!)

Level Number 4: This is the last level of the hacker storyline, it should be set in a castle, filled with agents, and dogs, but not a regular castle, one with a ton of traps such as boiling oil, fire traps, and spear traps, the goal of this one is to collect the precious jewels out of the kings vault, and then launch themselves away with a catapult to freedom.

My ideas aren't perfect,or my spelling as it is quite late where I am, but I would like to see what you think of my idea.

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AndyN.  [developer] May 1, 2013 @ 10:28pm 
Awesome! I can't wait for the editor to get out because you can turn your ideas into a great campaign!
#macbookgaming May 2, 2013 @ 5:40am 
Yeah, I'm really excited, but I will have to be good at the editor as I am guessing there will be like 50 of these once the editor gets released.
zyzzybalubah May 2, 2013 @ 6:06am 
Who knows :3 When it is released just try your hand at making stuff since you will only get better! These sound like pretty cool ideas. I think the first one is my fave
Sombrero May 2, 2013 @ 6:15am 
The concept is pretty cool, now let's see how you can make it real with the editor and how the story is introduced :D
#macbookgaming May 2, 2013 @ 12:38pm 
The mars mission seems to be the harfest, mainly as there doesn't seem to be any orang(ish) terrain in the game.
AndyN.  [developer] May 2, 2013 @ 2:46pm 
You can use ambient lighting to change the color of anything. You don't have complete control over the color but you can influence it about 80%.

I would use the dirt terrain and color it with red and orange ambients.
#macbookgaming May 2, 2013 @ 3:39pm 
Oh, that's a good one, and I suppose I could change the ambient lighting to green so that the melee dudes will look more zombie like?
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