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Mush 2013年4月26日 18時05分
What exactly does Sneaking do?
You know, other than making you slower.
Does it make it take a little longer for enemies to detect you?
Do characters have different little abilities while sneaking?
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TGRRRR 2013年4月26日 18時07分 
Maybe I am imagining it, but I felt as though my cover while disguised was blown less quickly if I sneaked and didn't run. Might just be me though.
Trouble Bot 2013年4月26日 18時39分 
Enemies take longer to recognize and investigate you or run for help. Disguises last longer when sneaking as opposed to running including Gentleman's disguise.

The Lookout also reveals the location of all enemies while standing still, sneaking, or hiding.
DarkunderdoG 2013年4月26日 18時56分 
Trouble Bot is Correct! :)
Chenao 2013年4月26日 19時35分 
If you sneak behind someone they will not hear your footsteps and will not get a question mark also.
AndyN. @pixelatedpost  [開発者] 2013年4月26日 20時37分 
Sneaking removes any sense of sound the guards can hear from you. Sneaking also makes you look less suspicious. Running around makes guards notice you easier!
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