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Perfect Info May 30, 2014 @ 3:09pm
Older "New Runs" Lists (not being updated, see new thread)
This thread has been outdated and replaced with the new, new runs thread:

December 27th to January 3rd's Newest Runs:

Archived runs lists: (records starting August 2nd) (anything pre-August 2nd)

So what is this anyways?
Basically, this is a somewhat regularly updated list of the newest speedruns on the Monaco leaderboards. If you want to know how the leaderboards have changed, week after week, you'd normally have to go through the listing in game and go, "Huh, I didn't notice that entry last time." Instead, you can open up these links and see a compact list of only the changes. So if a someone like "Free Market" got a new all-time record on Banque Albert this week, it would show up in this list. But a record from 2 months ago, or a year ago, or so on, wouldn't show up in this particular list. The other big thing to note, is that my current cut-off for a speedrun is a top-50 ranked run (it's just a practical thing, I only have so much time to gather data each week, and those cutoffs are already ~5000 entries each week!)

How are you supposed to read this list?
First, let me explain each column, left-to-right. First you have the rank of the entry. So if you opened up the leaderboards, this would be the rank you see. Next is the player's name holding that rank. After the player's name, there's the completion time of the speedrun. So at the end of a game, this is the time you'd see after the 10 seconds per missed coin is added. It's also the time on the leaderboard entry for the run, if you looked it up. The seemingly random letters you see next are actually a code for the different characters in Monaco: [l]ookout, lock[s]mith, [c]leaner, [p]ickpocket, [m]ole, [g]entleman, [h]acker, [r]edhead. Sometimes this field will be "BLANK", usually because the lookout campaign listings are bugged, but occasionally because my computer doesn't like you. Depending on when this list was created, you might see a column for coins. That's the coin total for the run. This was added recently, so some of the old lists will be missing coins. Right after this is the level name. So stuff like "BANQUE ALBERT" or "PROLOGUE: LOCKSMITH". The last column is the type of leaderboard. So things like Enhanced Singleplayer, or Classic Multiplayer. The list is sorted first by leaderboard type, then alphabetically by level name, and then by the rank of the entry.

"Why is my name mispelled?" (and other such errors):
So, I don't do this by hand. That'd be crazy. I take pictures of the leaderboards, and then use a computer program called Tesseract OCR to turn the pictures into text. Spelling errors are pretty common, because some letters look a lot alike, and the pictures themselves get just a bit fuzzy from things like my brightness settings. With regards to names, you'll sometimes see, "ERROR - Parser Failure" instead of the correct name. That's the worst case scenario, when Tesseract just can't read a name at all, so I need to assign a placeholder to avoid breaking the lists. Also, because they are screenshots, if you change your name frequently I might have the outdated one on the list. As I mentioned above, there are also occasional errors in the character code, usually denoted by "BLANK". Level names and leaderboard types also are mispelled sometimes. I'm working on cutting down on the spelling errors, but my personal rule is that I absolutely do not make manual fixes. If I want to fix a name, I'm going to do it by fixing how the computer reads it rather than editting by hand. This is why stuff like the levels are still mispelled sometimes, even though it should be obvious to fix. Also, I'm working on fixing the instances of "ERROR - Parser Failure". Again, not by hand. But if you see that show up for some reason, let me know. I kind of want to prioritize fixing that. One last, more obscure note, there like a 1 in a few thousand chance that your new all-time doesn't show up at all here. Like, if you managed to get the exact same time as a previously existing run, and had the exact same characters on the run, and the game happened to list those characters on the entry in exactly the same way as the older run, then you might just have fallen through the cracks. Congratulations, you got [un]lucky!
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Differ3nce May 31, 2014 @ 5:33am 
It's actually pretty awesome that this works. Only downside is that I only have a vague idea of what your files mean and what you're trying to do. Creating a summary of the goal of your files would be useful. Right now it feels like some awesome IT side project, but without focus on how to understand what you have done. If you could add that, this would be great (I might sticky it)
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Perfect Info May 31, 2014 @ 6:19am 
EDIT: Since I just editted the OP, here's the list of runs that was in the old original post: (I think the dates are May 17th to May 24th)

//End of EDIT

This week's (May 24th to 31st) new runs data. Note that this is limited to the top-50 rankings for Enhanced Multiplayer.

I think I explained a little bit of the the method behind it above. But let me see if I can cover the bases better.

The table is composed of individual entries on the leaderboard (this would show up as a row in the ingame browser).
Rank is the rank the entry had when I took the screenshot.
PlayerName is the name that appeared with the entry, again at the time of the screenshot, and as read by the image parser (see disclaimer in OP).
CompTime is the completion time for that entry. It's the same time you'd see on the leaderboard row.
CharUsed is a series of letters that represent the characters that showed up in the row on the leaderboard. The OP has a list of what the individual letters mean.
LevelName is the name of the map the leaderboard entries appear under. Like when you use left-or-right to tab through the pages in the ingame leaderboard browser.
LeaderType is just Enhanced Multiplayer right now. If I get more thorough, you might see stuff like Classic MP or Enhanced 1P. This is what you get if you use [X] button to tab through leaderboard types for a single map in the ingame browser.

As for methodology, let me see if I can put it into simpler language, for potentially everyone's benefit.
Every week-ish, I take screenshots of the Monaco all-time leaderboards in game and file them away into the database. Then I run a database query (imagine taking a deck of cards and pulling out all the red ones, or all the spades) to pull out every 'entry' (imagine a single row of the leaderboards, but with some added info like the map name) that is the most recent. That is to say, for each map, for each leaderboard type, for each individual rank number, get the entry in the database that is the most up-to-date. It's like refreshing the ingame leaderboards as a player gets a new all time (the old ones are displaced and the new entry enters at say Rank #1).
To get this particular list, I consider each run as a unit. A 'run' is a combination of completion time, characters used, level name, and leaderboard type. So let's say you complete Banque Albert in Classic Mode using Mole, Locksmith, Lookout and Pickpocket in 1:50.30. The 'run' is distinct from the players on the run (because I can't keep track of people changing their name, like the steam leaderboards can) and from the rank (because a run's ranking changes as people create faster runs). For each run in the database (they have a separate table from entries), I check if the run's only occurrences are in the 'current entries' query I explained above. If the run also has entries in older data, it isn't considered new and is disqualified. Then, I take this list of new runs, and pull all the entries that include the run (the same as the rows would appear in the ingame leaderboards). This is what you get here.
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Differ3nce May 31, 2014 @ 7:11am 
This explains a lot already!

So as I understand it now, this table shows the new speed runs that were added last week (which basically is your OP title, but was never extensively mentioned).

You consider a run to be a (decent) speed run if it's in the top 50 of a level and you compare each week with the previous week to show which entries are new. That way people can see the progress speed runners are making in a short overview.

Looks really good. Would be nice to hear some feedback from some of the speedrunners in the community to hear their opinion as well!
Perfect Info Jun 7, 2014 @ 6:15am 
Here are the Enhanced Mode new runs for May 31st to June 7th:

The poor fellow who shows up as most of the "ERROR - Parser Failure"s this week is probably 0.o in most of them. Sorry 0.o, I don't think Tesseract-OCR likes you much.

I've added top 20 ranks for Enhanced 1P. 20 was an arbitrary choice. Maybe I'll expand that later. But bear in mind there are 48 levels. So every 10 ranks I add to the weekly reports is another 48 screenshots to both capture and run through the parser and database software. I'm already up to about 370 a week, not counting any other random stuff I grab (like some Classic or Zonaco for my own interest).
Perfect Info Jun 11, 2014 @ 7:11am 
How about zome Zonaco? Here are the Zonaco MP new runs for May 30th to June 11th.

I've started collecting top 20 1P data for all the game modes, but it will be another week or two until I get a second observation to compute new runs with.

I was going to post the Classic MP new runs a week ago, but the only new runs were the same team of four replaying levels. So congratulations to CORL!, Chromic Slicer, Vini and Vellaroque for their classic runs from a week ago-ish.
Perfect Info Jun 14, 2014 @ 7:42am 
Here are the Enhanced Mode new runs for June 7th to 14th:

The "ERROR - Parser Failure"s are getting embarassing for me. I'll see about creating a better font file for tesseract to try to fix the issue. But it might just be that tesseract can't handle a name like 0.o (possibly no way to judge the font size with three completely differently sized characters?).
Perfect Info Jun 18, 2014 @ 5:49am 
Just a handful of classic mode runs, June 3rd to 18th:

It's interesting how many more Zonaco runs there are than classic runs lately. Then again, classic isn't too much different than Enhanced. So I guess it's sort of eclipsed.
Reality Jun 18, 2014 @ 7:08am 
I had a bunch of errors with the score board on classic, but not zonaco
It would either do nothing or try to lump in my classic score with the enhanced. Sometimes it showed that there were 0 all time classics when chekcing for all players.
Perfect Info Jun 21, 2014 @ 5:40am 
Well, the classic mode only really applies to locksmith and pickpocket campaigns. The Lookout and Fin levels don't really have a classic-era counterpart, so they are scored on the Enhanced leaderboards. But the zero all-times showing up is weird.

Here's the Enhanced Mode new runs for June 14th to 21st:
Perfect Info Jun 26, 2014 @ 5:17am 
Zonaco is still going strong! Here are the new Zonaco runs for June 11th to 26th:
F_i_s_t_o Jun 26, 2014 @ 7:56am 
Originally posted by Free Market:
Zonaco is still going strong! Here are the new Zonaco runs for June 11th to 26th:
In almost of there runs my name doesnt show. Im F_i_s_t_o, not "ERROR - Parser Failure?"
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Perfect Info Jun 28, 2014 @ 5:25am 
This week's (June 21st to 28th) Enhanced Mode new runs:

To address some of the concerns with names, I've started working on new font and dictionary files for the parser. The names should be a bit more accurate (but not for everyone, for some reason O's are occasionally becoming D's). Unfortunately for F_i_s_t_o and O.o, I still haven't found a solution for your names sometimes not being read at all. I have some ideas I'll have to try, but this week turned out as it did.
Perfect Info Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:26pm 
Here's the classic mode runs for June 18th to July 2nd:

Not relevant for this posting, but as sort of an update. I've got a small fix in place for some of the unreadable names. 0.o works. I dunno if F_i_s_t_o will work 100% of the time yet (since that name did appear most of the time already, it will be hard for me to debug). I do still get a few unreadables, but progress! I've also reverted back to the old font files temporarily. The new ones work, but I think I still want to make some improvements (and I'd rather not do the back-end stuff like updating all the old, mispelled level names in the database multiple times). So patience as I sort that out (probably won't be ready for the next batch of Enhanced Mode runs on the weekend).
Perfect Info Jul 5, 2014 @ 4:47am 
Here's this week's (June 28th to July 5th) Enhanced Mode new runs:

Looks like quite the busy week! And no "ERROR" names this week. Getting on track!
MonkeyPocket Jul 5, 2014 @ 7:31am 
It shows both SP and MP? Didn't know that. There seemed to be quite a few people running solo seriously, aiming for the very top.
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