CoqPwner Dec 12, 2012 @ 10:21am
How do you get out of the wretch fortress???
So I just discovered this game and think it is AWESOME.I really didn't expect much , but I am pleasantly surprised.
Problem is though, I just destroyed every single wretch in the wretch lair south of the dragon Zya-watchamacallit, but now I'm just stuck in. I have found the key on the High Shaman, and there was a cutscene that told me I needed a key to escape, but now that I have the key, I can't activate any lever anywhere, and the door is still sealed shut, I just don't understand.
I'm probably just missing something really obvious, but I've been running around for 30 minutes and haven't found anything, plus there aren't any FAQs or Let's Plays for me to look at online.
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CoqPwner Dec 12, 2012 @ 10:25am 
Ah never mind, obviously I find a hidden door I had never seen before 10 seconds after posting this. Onwards to continue this great game then! =D
misterbill5 May 17 @ 10:26pm 
Is the hidden door near where you fought the Shaman, by the front gate, or somewhere else? I can't figure out where to use the key either...
CoqPwner May 18 @ 7:08am 
Haha I wish I could help, it's been too long for me to remember though, sorry =P. Keep looking I guess, youll find it eventually ^^.

If you truly can't I suppose you can try posting a screenshot of the place, it might shake my memory a little, but I wouln't get my hopes up too much.
misterbill5 May 18 @ 5:46pm 
I discovered the first key just gets you to the Ogre boss fight where he drops a second key that opens the door to the mechanism that opens the front gate. But I have a major bug now that may require starting over. My junk bag is full of daggers that all identify as "unused". I can't drop them and I no longer seem to be getting loot from any containers. I found one player on the SW forum who had the identical problem, and he said re-installing did no good. This is the first serious bug I have encountered with any SW game, and I have played quite a few now...gah
CoqPwner May 18 @ 9:51pm 
Well as a last resort you could try the ''backtoavadon'' cheat found here which would teleport you back to the fortress:

Dont know if it would break the quest progression or fix your weird dagger bug, but it's worth a try before reinstalling tbh.

Otherwise, I'm sorry, having such a major bug must be terribly annoying =/.
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