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mzob 7 dic 2013, ore 23:31
Linux port short question
Is it native or wine-embedded? If native, how good the port is?
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redan 8 dic 2013, ore 21:43 
It's a native port with 32- and 64-bit bins, I believe done by icculus for a Humble Indie Bundle. The game works well aside from one unfixed game-breaking bug I encountered. There's a workaround in the bug report[bugzilla.icculus.org] (spoilers).
mzob 9 dic 2013, ore 5:09 
nice. Hope they'll port other Spiderweb's games.
redan 9 dic 2013, ore 19:41 
So do I. Perhaps Avadon 2 will be part of a HIB. Spiderweb unfortunately seems uninterested in porting to or supporting Linux directly.
mzob 9 dic 2013, ore 23:08 
Maybe a petition can draw their attention. As far as I know Spiderweb's games are very popular among Linux auditory. Direct profit shouldn't be ignored.
stan 30 gen 2014, ore 16:18 
The game opens in fullscreen with distorted graphics and no option to play windowed or to change the resolution. Also, alt-tab doesn’t work.

Edit: this is easily solved, though, by editing ~/.local/share/Avadon/Avadon.ini and setting fullscreen to 0.

Edit 2: but then the text is often too small, and characters and objects are quite small too. Plus, it’s impossible to pick up objects that are on tables.
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