Avadon: The Black Fortress

Avadon: The Black Fortress

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To hard of a fight, time to skip this for the time being and start Avadon 2
I'm at the end-game now and this boss fight is too hard, like seriously.

It's the fight with the general that buffs his squad in the woods.

I've tried, and nope, gonna give this a rest and start on Avadon 2 instead.


The journey so far was good though.
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.//slayer Nov 20, 2013 @ 10:10am 
Just drop the difficulty to the lowest for this particular fight. It's not a secret for anyone that many Avadon boss fights are poorly balanced, so it's not even players' fault if they can't beat some of them.
LinusGustavsson Nov 20, 2013 @ 10:42am 
But I want to beat it on hard, I've stuggled with so many fight up to this point, but somehow I cleared the fights ( with liberal amounts of potions ).
But this fight is just evil, and I don't want to lower the difficulty, I'll forgo the achievement then, sadly, maybe.
.//slayer Nov 20, 2013 @ 11:44am 
Hm... Sadly, can't help you much because I don't even remember this particular fight, but the general rule is, try pumping up your dex for every character to 20+. If you do that, majority of the enemies will miss you most of the time. If the enemies don't miss you, return to the trainer and pump up your dex a little more. Sacrifice your damage potential, sacrifice your vitality, just raise that dex to high heaven. This should work in every fight except probably the two most difficult optional bosses.

Oh, and naturally, make a good use of your potions. You can use 2 per turn and still attack, which gives you a massive boost whenever you need one. Battle Frenzy is the most powerful effect that you might want.
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LinusGustavsson Nov 20, 2013 @ 1:40pm 
I didn't know about the dex, I should return to a save before point of no return and pump some into dex, but I do use potions and buffs all the time in the boss fights.
This fight is horrible because the general buts bladeshield on everyone, and then a sorceress puts reflection on everyone. I'm like: "Hwae0våhi"åsdvv", sorta.

I have big game left as an optional boss, gonna tackle that when I can, but well see what happens when I pump dex to 20 and return here after a while.

Oh, why 20? IS it for a specific reason, and should I pump up dex in Avadon 2 to 20 too?
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spiralyguy Feb 5, 2014 @ 8:13pm 
I just finished a playthrough on hard and can share what I learned.

The balance in specs/stats in this game is way off, for starters. Dex is immensly powerful due to providing high defense and missile damage. I used warrior/shadowalker/mage the whole game. The cooldowns on the shamans heals were too long and seemed like wasted turns that should be providing dps. Most of the fights boil down to pure DPS races, playing defensively was not working for me for a number of reasons. I respecced around lvl 25 ish and suddenly the game became a whole lot easier.

First, the mages CC/buffs tree is terrible. Daze/charm/confusing gets resisted like crazy and neither it nor the buffs last long enough. The Melee DPS tree (left column) was also bad because your warrior is constantly knockbacked/stunned/rooted/charmed. Shadowstalker melee was bad because it relies on backstabs, if you're that close to an ally you're going to take crazy AoE dmg because every mob in this game AoE's. Basically the whole game is setup to screw melee over.

Shadowstalker has the highest single target dps by miles because you can pump dex like crazy and not sacrifice any defense. There's also a lot of items that give +missle damage or crit chance, in particular that shield with +25% crit chance. Just get his throwing skill as high as you can and any passives that help it out. His acid globe will never compete with his razordisks because... you know... balance.

If 1-2 adds get on the shadowwalker, let him tank them and fire missiles at the ones on your other guys. Spec the mage for AoE, and the warrior to provide AoE battle frenzy. Mage should get to fire all of her AoE's in 2 turns, then potion to reset cooldowns and repeat, that will severly weaken the adds on the fight you're referring to. Then using the shadowstalker to pick off the low HP ones and just try to get your warrior to stand in the way, though once again taunt is pretty worthless in this game.

Gotta say compared to avernum 4,5,6, I found the combat in this game immensly frustrating since every mob AoE's, knockbacks, roots, stuns, thorns, or charms. I usually try to use a warrior with a 2h weapon but that was completely pointless in this game, the 2h barely even do more damage then a 1h. I use shields on all toons because 2h weapons don't nearly compensate for the loss. Warrior was my main toon so I couldn't exactly swap him out but I'm guessing a party with 2 shadow walkers and a mage would be the easiest combo to work through the game.

Hope that helps.
.//slayer Feb 10, 2014 @ 10:14am 
Originally posted by LinusGustavsson:
Oh, why 20? IS it for a specific reason, and should I pump up dex in Avadon 2 to 20 too?

Sorry, I didn't see that you edited your post back then. The reason I'm talking 20 is because I finished the game on Torment difficulty with every member of my party having between 20 and 25 points of dex, so I can assure you that this amount of dex is enough to win any fight, as long as you keep trying (except the last optional battle which also requires a specific character setup).
Gavener Feb 12, 2014 @ 8:27am 
This has been a very good thread thank you
LinusGustavsson Feb 12, 2014 @ 9:18am 
Thanks for the tip
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