misterbill5 May 17, 2014 @ 11:39pm
Inventory and Loot...Think I am Bugged
My junk bag is totally full of daggers that I did NOT put there. When I cursor them, they say "unused" (?) and after I sell all junk to a merchant, it tells me everything was sold but had no vaue--and the daggers are still there. I also noticed that containers--even those requiring a lockpick--all have had zero loot for quite some time now. This all seems an obvious bug, but I wondered if anyone has had a similar problem and might know of a fix other than maybe re-installing and starting over. I hate to do that having just completed the Wretch dungeon and getting my party to level 6...gah...I am amazed because I have played many Spiderweb games and have never encountered a bug.
Just checked the SW forums and someone else had exactly the same bug I described above. Said that re-installing did not help...grrrrrrrr....
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