AstinDextor Feb 21 @ 8:33am
How do I rest?
Or can I rest at all? I wants me mana back.
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.//slayer Feb 21 @ 9:14am 
Either return to Avadon or touch a pillar that teleports you there. No other kinds of rest are present in the game.
Karol13 Feb 26 @ 6:22am 
health regenerates automatically when out of combat
stamina (or mana :D ) can be regained by touching the pilon (and you don't need to use it to travel, it gives you an option to just rest)
also you can find potions that refill stamina, keep them, use them :)
Another Mar 5 @ 4:23pm 
I think that they're called Potions of Vitality.

Basically, as annoying as it is, don't use your abilities unless you're in a boss fight or othrewise in a difficult situation. Mages can use rods and bows and shamans can use javelins, so both of those characters can use long range attacks.

If possible, try to position your tank character such that he'll stop the enemies from running past him. Of course, some mobs can ignore that rule and you don't always have doorways or other small passage areas available to you.

This strange approach to magic puts a huge crimp in playing a mage character as your main. I never did like this mechanic.
Zuckerwatte o.O Apr 6 @ 10:34am 
I just return to the spiral and that's fine. Playing at normal difficulty, I just use skills as I like and my mana is enogh to clear approx. one map. Going back to the spiral doesn't take much time, though. You are playing a quite slow-ish rpg anyway.
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