Karol13 Feb 20 @ 2:57am
Demons Lair
In Zhethorn's Aerie :
Fought a demon and his minions, won. The text said something about "a shield dropped from his dissapearance, this eccentric creature was using it as a breastplate" ... well... the shield is nowhere to be found...
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.//slayer Feb 20 @ 3:38am 
Don't remember this exact moment, but could it be that the shield is actually a quest item? In that case, try looking in your Journal, under "Quest Items" tab.
Karol13 Feb 20 @ 4:45am 
Not under Special (quest) items [only keys, and crystal and note...], but in inventory of my follower was a Rune-Etched Buckler, which I don't remember picking manually.
As my follower engaged the demon in melee, it could be that he somehow auto-picket the buckler.
5 4 3 2 1 poof Feb 26 @ 5:43am 
yeah the rune etched buckler in your inventory is the shield it was talking about
Karol13 Feb 26 @ 6:21am 
thanx :D quite useful buckler
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