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Avadon: The Black Fortress

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joebeaupre27 Jun 27, 2014 @ 6:49am
Even tough the game is not nice to watch this is a great game with a lot of fun text to read and place to go and ennemi to kill...
I dream of a game like that but open world!!!!! With just Race and Class a bit like Baldurs gate.
The only thing its the Class selection its a bit poor but i really like the game.
its the kind of game that remind me that when RPG started it was not just about graphic like now but more about the story and game itself!!!!
THX to the creator for this game,i wish you could MOD it but anyway its a 9/10 for me :)

I'm about to start the other Avadon
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Ibitato Jun 27, 2014 @ 8:30am 
Escape from the Pit : Avernum is even better
joebeaupre27 Jun 27, 2014 @ 10:51am 
yeah thats my next target after corruption :)
LinusGustavsson Jun 27, 2014 @ 1:15pm 
Yup, all good.
Avernum being better is totally subjective. I liked both games, but they're pretty different games.

I'll list some of the main differences:

-Avadon is easier (Playing both games on Torment and Avadon is FAR easier)
-Avadon has preset companions (this can lead to more focused companion stories and quests)
-Avadon has a more linear story structure (Even though you have endgame choices and the like, your path is a bit more focused with taking missions from Avadon and having that open new areas and such)
-Avadon has no overworld, just a map with clickable locations similar to Geneforged - but the areas themselves are fairly big.
-Avadon doesn't take into account which direction you entered an area from (which sucks imo). This means if you enter an area from another area to the south, you might still appear at the west/east/north or whatever entrance. Usually always the same entrance. This can be somewhat annoying.

So Avernum is the tougher game; you can pick your entire party of 4 and edit them as you like; and once you're in the pit, you can pretty much go anywhere with the right tools, though you will probably die horribly in a lot of places. Avernum also has an overworld that you walk around in, with random patrol encounters and some scripted ones. And if you enter a town from the west side, you will appear at the town's west gate, and so on.

Another thing with Avernum is that, playing on the toughest difficulty, you REALLY have to consider your party setup, and you have quite a bit less freedom with your class builds, because enemies that die stay dead (other than random overworld encounters) which means you might, at some point, hit a wall where you've gone everywhere you can survive and have nowhere to train your party other than farming the overworld, which takes AGES sometimes. See, in Avernum, all it takes is one special enemy to completely whipe your party if you're not ready for it. So you may walk through a dungeon easily capable of killing everything, until you get to the next tier enemy (not even necessarily the dungeon boss) and he/she/it alone will AoE whipe your party in about 2 moves if you're not prepared. It's a much more unforgiving game, so you are somewhat forced to min-max in some situations.
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joebeaupre27 Jun 29, 2014 @ 5:46pm 
Is all the Avernum are good?
They are all, it seems, basically the same mechanically - the difference mainly being story. All the stories are good in my opinion, similar in quality also. So if you like the story in whichever you played first, and the mechanics, you will probably like all of them. You don't necessarily have to play them in order, as the stories themselves do not really connect. However, Avernum itself (the place in the game) does change overtime, in what it represents and other things also.

4-6 are slightly older than Escape from the Pit, just fyi, but Escape from the Pit is a remake of Avernum 1, thus the first in the chronology. What this means is that, since Escape is slightly newer, if you play it first it may make 4-6 seem a little dated. Not massively or anything, but it's noticeable.
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joebeaupre27 Jun 30, 2014 @ 9:48am 
WOW thx for the awnser,it gives a very good idea im just gonna buy the bundle with geneforce
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