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Guide to Neutral Creatures
by V & V**PeAcEfUl**[EVA-NERV]
> NEUTRAL CREATURES > In Guardians of Middle-Earth there are menageries of neutral creatures that inhabit the lawless areas present on the 3-lane map. These are identified on your mini-map with red dots and are generally located in small nooks...
Guardians of Middle-Earth Characters
by Skylynx
Each class and character have their own special abilitly and move type, read below to find out!...
by TheDuke-TheKey
Saruman is all about timing your abilities and surprising your enemies with a huge burst of damage. In this guide, I will show you how to do that, as well as what relics to use for maximum damage output....
by ledzepIV
Barrow-wight is one of the least used guardians, but can be one of the best. Although many claim he cannot be played competitively, he can be a great support guardian, and can sometimes be the deciding factor in the team fights....
Gandalf Guide
by ledzepIV
How to play, level, and win with Gandalf....
by TheDuke-TheKey
Eowyn Most people, seeing as Eowyn is a Defender, immediately make the assumption that the best way to play her is as a straight-up tank with all green gems/relics. This playstyle is good, but not the best. ...
how to play agandaur
by Shiny Maga-Ganger
this guide is to help you play agandaur, one of the most complex guardians in the game yet one of the most rewarding if played correctly :)...
Welcome to GoME: Controls!
by TmT
One thing this game lacks in the settings is the control layout, so here it is!...
Welcome to GoME: Things you should know!
by TmT
Hello and welcome the the Guardians of Middle-Earth: Things you should know! guide. In this guide you will learn the basics of the game and learn how to play smarter in 3 lane matches(hopefully). Table of Contents 1. Roles 2. Map 3. Shr...
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