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William D. Oct 23, 2013 @ 8:40pm
Just purchased, 'sokay compared to Demigod
So, I was a huuuge fan of Demigod. I loved the level up paths for each character: even playing the same one led to different outcomes based on how you chose to level up. A nice rpg element.

I played DOTA a bit, but found the graphics too cartoony. As a Lord of the Rings nut, I bought this game hoping it would bring me a similar satisfaction to Demigod. The following are my thoughts after a couple hours of play.

The game is fairly basic compared to my old favorite Demigod. The bot AI is absolutely sad and only for learning how to control your character. The bots play defensively 95% of the time and will almost NEVER directly attack you. They just try to stay out of your range (read: run away) and hover around their towers. As a newb, I'd just end up getting myself killed by towers more than by bots. I was hoping for a more impressive single player option.

Character level ups allow upgrades of three or four pre assigned powers (that I can tell). There is no upgrade tree like in Demigod, no power choices or selection. You just upgrade the powers you start with or ones that automatically are given to you based on your level. So, as Gandalf, I found myself using the same three or four powers over and over. Knowing that this wouldn't change regardless of how I played broght me down a bit. I loved having the option to play a character differently based on how I leveled him up. I suppose there are artifacts and potions you can use once you buy them in game, but it would be nice to be offensive, defensive, tower killer, healer, etc based on your level up options.

Another issue I had was directional control. You have to right click on the map where you want to move/attack. Nothing unusual for a MOBA, but I kept losing the mouse and found it hard to aim at the enemy or creep I wanted to attack. A stronger outline of the selected target would help, not just a small circle on the map floor.

I also found it awkward to have to upgrade each tower on the map separately. I was used to buying tower upgrades or creep upgrades at home base and having them apply across the map. For some reason I didn't find the creep upgrades to be as impressive as I thought they would be. In Demigod, if you get creeps maxed out, they really kick butt.

As for the price, bought it on sale. It DOES feel like a free to play game in that characters have to be unlocked, potions have to be purchased, etc using in game credit. Feels like I have to grind just to play another character that should have been in the game to start with.

Other than that, it's a fun-ish game. I love the theme. They tried pretty hard to get similar sounding voice actors and the character likenesses to the movie are nice. Music is an original score and not from the film, but who knows who owns the rights to the film contents any more.

I'll probably keep playing for a while but still long for the days of Demigod. Hopefully the devs will continue to develope and improve things. I had this game in my wishlist for about 3 months and feel it was worth the price I paid. If it does go free to play, I'll be a bit sad as I hate feeling like I have to grind to get things that should be part of the game.

Hope I didn't waste your time too much with these thoughts, but perhaps they'll help someone making the same decision I made.
Date Posted: Oct 23, 2013 @ 8:40pm
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