Guardians of Middle-earth

Guardians of Middle-earth

Weekly Guardians of Middle-earth Night
Hello Guardians!

I'm a fan of this game, despite its shortcomings (which are better saved to discuss in a different thread), but obviously there's one huge problem - lack of players. Unless the devs make this game F2P (which they should) that's not gonna change any time soon.

I figure we could set up a specific time every week and just have private matches instead of having to try and deal with matchmaking. If there's enough interest we could even make a steam group to coordinate better.

If you're interested, just leave a comment and we can try and organize a time that works best for everyone!

Here is the link to the Steam group, just join if you're interested!
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RaptorJesús 2013年11月22日下午12:13 
Well,i would like to play GOME with ya!
Hopefully more people will start playing since the Humble Bundle practically gave this game to everyone for free.
DareO 2013年11月22日下午12:50 
Lest play guys!
DareO 2013年11月22日下午12:50 
Add me x)
Landeril [BCK] 2013年11月23日下午3:28 
I'm in for this!
Amadaun the 0th 2013年11月23日下午9:46 
Add me, I would enjoy humans.
Alex 2013年11月23日下午11:21 
I tried something like this on the official forums to no luck. I'm willing to play if you can find 8 other people, however.
SiritsoD 2013年11月24日上午1:34 
Up for it :3
I'm in!
Tish Jepsen 2013年11月24日下午6:04 
I'm down for this.
Hey everyone!

So we've gotten 10 people (including myself) so I'll go ahead and set up a steam group once I figure out how. From there, we can decide on a night and time that works for as many people as possible - or more than one night, if we have the time.
diet sierra mist 2013年11月27日下午3:32 
i want to play too
Leônidas 2013年11月29日上午9:50 
Go go go!
Invictus| Rafz 2013年11月29日下午4:32 
Add me I wanna play too :)
pingguy 2013年12月2日上午11:31 
I'd like to see something that livens up the matchmaking but I'm down for private matches too. Maybe try forming two parties of 5 and then using search to see if we can get them into a match together. It might be the first real 5 vs 5 this game has ever seen. ;)
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