ZombieStudiosKyle  [developer] Jan 17 @ 1:05pm
Smaug DLC Gold bug fix UPDATE
In case you missed the announcement:

In the most recent update to the game an issue with the Smaug’s Treasure DLC came to light resulting in some community members having the amount of 160,000 gold deducted from their account. We have now addressed that issue. To make sure that all players have their gold balance restored and to apologize for the inconvenience we are awarding all current community members that have played before 01/07/14 a sum of 300K gold. The 300K will be added to your current total. Please keep in mind, this fix may take a few hours to populate.

Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Just as a heads up, getting folks their gold is taking a bit longer than expected. Your gold is coming, it's just taking a bit. Your continued patience is much appreciated.
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drynn Jan 19 @ 4:06pm 
Excellent! I haz muneez!
mechamonkey Jan 20 @ 7:13am 
Money refunded plus some, thanks guys! :)
Daisy Jan 20 @ 11:46am 
Still awaiting gold refund ...

Anyone else NOT got their refund yet?
Daisy Jan 22 @ 4:09pm 
Created a support ticket at the wbgames link about the still-missing gold.

(Ticket #24022-940​63)

Will let you know if and when its progressed.

(But seriously, patience and understanding will only run for so much further - the problem has existed for a long time!)
ZombieStudiosKyle  [developer] Jan 22 @ 5:00pm 
Daisy, please do report back.Hey everyone, the gold has gone out. It turns out it took many more hours than originally anticipated (like 2-3 days instead). Nonetheless, those users who were affected by a loss of gold, should now be properly compensated.

Like I said previously, the affected users should be those users who played on the previous patch, prior to the one released in January when this issue first showed up (had to do with transitions between the patch). If you only played the game after the 7th of January, then you should not be affected by this issue and therefore would have missed out on the gold restitution.

If anyone has any further problems or issues that can put in a ticket with WB Support. You can do that at:

Aloren Jan 23 @ 5:09am 
Still no gold here...
a_w_w_ Feb 2 @ 7:25pm 
No gold here, either. Still have a massive neagtive balance,
Yigrok Feb 27 @ 1:13pm 
No gold here either :(
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