Dante x Kidd Jul 31 @ 11:00am
Post only here Name and add eachother for grow the friendlist of playing this game. BECAUSE THIS GAME IS AWASOME! HATER LEAVE PLS !
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Phoenix Jul 31 @ 2:10pm 
I'm just going to say it plainly. This game is dead. There's still a small community on the console version, but the PC port was just a cash grab with very little effort put into it. There won't be any updates to this game, and the developers are just going to continue leeching what little money they still can from this game.

On the Xbox 360 version there's a glitch that actually stops people from playing the game at all. People have to find how to look online to get the solution, which was found by the community btw, not the developers, and even then it involves doing the long winded solution every time they go on the game. The developers never fixed the glitch, and just washed their hands with this game. Every game they make has huge potential, and would probably make them lots of money if done correctly, but is a laggy and glitchy piece of garbage. These developers are only interested in making quick money from initial sales and DLC that was already made before the game came out, and that should have been included with the game.

Also, I'd highly recommend that you steer clear of Monolith online games, since their netcode is ancient. It's irritating because they're in WB's pocket, and they have the rights to LOTR, but they're not interested in making a proper game.

TL;DR - give up on this cash grab and play a proper game, preferably one not made by Monolith.
Cramen Aug 2 @ 10:58pm 
Agree with you on 99%. Now isn't monolith creating Shadows of Mordor?
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