Femme Fatale Apr 28 @ 7:04pm
Ok so everyone really talks crap about MicroVolts
I really think it is fun as long as you just look at it as a video game and not you're life. Yeah sometimes there is hackers(comes with a any shooter being free to play). but just the mechanics of the game make it worth playing. Really like the artwork behind the game to.
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Yummier May 2 @ 11:03pm 
You do realize that the company behind the game doesn't care about helping out the casual audience...this game is wrought with issues that will NEVER be fixed. Weapons are massively unbalanced due to unpolished stats and lack of playtesting/reporting/communication. The only new content in this game is purely made for the purpose of keeping players paying...or hacking to get the MP required to buy those new items.
DarkRa May 12 @ 2:31pm 
This game crap Bro Open your eyes. I played it when it first came out. It crash so much, Oh im trying it again. This game still crash way to much. More users on steam had to deal with it.
DetectiveTrilby. May 20 @ 11:54am 
you do realize that this game is bad right? i mean yeah the game was fun for a day or two but now the game is full of bugs and unbalanced weapons and players but is this game fun F*ck No!!! it's a god damn Train Wreak i mean talk about a let down the levels are bad i mean really bad due to the spawn points and the hackers and getting anything in the store in game is a wast of time. in short play with just your friend if not you are going to rage at this game.
[OPST] ﱞErymthian™ May 22 @ 2:04pm 
She's Right this game is good. But don't go raging over it beacuse of hackers or people beating you all the time if their is any of that join a different game in Micro Volts.
J.G.O.Masaki Jurai May 23 @ 10:33pm 
i stoped playing this 5 years ago
[OPST] ﱞErymthian™ May 24 @ 8:18am 
Play it again it is really cool now lots of good updates.
J.G.O.Masaki Jurai May 24 @ 11:42pm 
Originally posted by =PB= Erymthian ︻┳テ=一:
Play it again it is really cool now lots of good updates.
nope because ther are lots of hackers
[OPST] ﱞErymthian™ May 25 @ 3:34am 
Thats if you join a bad server my coment before said if their are hackers join a different server.
Kungen utan pungen! May 29 @ 1:11pm 
it's a bad game
[OPST] ﱞErymthian™ May 29 @ 3:44pm 
It's actaully alot better it's updated alot now.
★TheUberedEngineer★ Jun 27 @ 3:02am 
Alert Alert Its A Pay To Win Game You Will Smell RT Right When You Even Go To The Lobby
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