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Greedsin 2012년 12월 30일 오전 5시 05분
Remember Night Springs?
if you played the game you know what i'm talking about, if you haven't played the game then, well.......hi.

Anyway, I really enjoyed the short episodes they put into the games and after coming back to the game not to long ago I still love the charm behind it, so as of now i am working on writing a few scripts for a couple of my own made episodes for those to wach it on youtube and Steam. I already got the intro scene finished (like maybe 5 minutes ago) and I have 2-3 episodes already writen, just got to get people and time to film it. There not going to be very long like the one's in the game, maybe between 3-4 minutes with out the intro and outro.

The question I'm finally getting to is, what kinda of crazy twisted story idea's do you like to see for the last 3 episodes? Throwing idea's out could lend me a hand for coming up with a story for the last 3.
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ISSACKLARK 2012년 12월 30일 오후 12시 59분 
Well im sure the devlopers will be happy to hear what you said but its supplementry material to add some deapth and more importantly a specific art direction to the story so they planed them like tiny episodes only , besides they themselves are an "ODE" to something which seeing how you are a fan you might have already known....
Link_of_Hyrule 2013년 1월 12일 오전 12시 04분 
Night Springs was suppose to be the old school Twilight Zone if you didn't know that lol.
JPRacer77Qc 2013년 2월 5일 오전 11시 38분 
The feel/vibe of Night Springs is really like Twilight Zone but the idea comes from Invitation to Love (Twin Peaks).
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